Monday, August 23, 2010

MicroCharts in Excel

I ran across this post the other day.  It's an old post but a cool concept for anyone creating dashboards in Excel.  You can actually use some of the concepts in Microsoft Reporting Services as well.

These guys have a lot of great ideas.  I just stumbled across them for micro charting but many great Excel charting solutions.

You can go here to read a little more about microcharts and how to use them.
Click here to download a template I created based on one of the charts.  As it exists today it will allow for 50 lines of data.  To add more lines follow the steps below.

1.  Unhide columns C, D, E
2.  Go to cell C54
3.  Highlight over to cell E54
4.  Copy the formula and paste it down adding as many rows as you need.

To get the charts to update;
1.  Select cell B2 and press f2
2.  Type in D and cell location for all of the cells you added seperated by the & symbol
      (i.e. D55&D56, etc)
3.  Follow step 2 for cell B3.  The only difference is you'll change the D to an E

If the chart doesn't look correct you may have to resize the row height for rows 2 and 3.

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